10 Stylish Dogs on Instagram That Dress Better Than You

Whether it’s a human or animal, not everyone with skills gets a chance to appear on the big screen and attain that celebrity title. However, the real talents can’t be hidden. They break the internet and become internet celebrities in some way or the other. (Some with their talent and some with their cool looks.) The pooches you are going to meet now have the blend of both.

They are most loving, adorable and fashionable. They can give you inspiration for creating your next great look. So, whenever you run out of new fashion styles, we recommend you check with these guys on Instagram. Every one of them has 100k+ exclusive subscribers over there. Join in with them, have fun!

1. Jiff the Pomeranian

This little dude hardly requires an introduction. Here is a short intro for those who don’t know him yet. Jiff is almost like an official pet of America. He holds the Guinness world record for being the “Fastest Dog on Two Paws”. This stylish guy loves pizza, goes crazy on fries and occasionally opts for a fresh salad. He is featured in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video that won MTV’s Video Music Award, acted in the movie “Adventures of Bailey: A Night in Cowtown” and regularly appears on Good Morning America. This list actually grows. He has tons of reasons to get your love. Follow him on Instagram and stay updated with his cool fashion trend.



Via Jiffpom

2. Remixthedog the Schnauzer

The profile of this Toronto guy is already filled with lots of pictures in his monochromatic look. He perfectly fits into the rockster roll as well. He is the Batman’s favorite too. Check out their casual meet.

Remix the dog

Via remixthedog

3. Trotter the Pug

Join with Trotter on every 4th of July and enrich the Patriotic ensemble. This pug has heart for all.


Trotter The Pug

Via Trotterpub

4. Toby the Maltese

Meet Toby the little dude. If you ask me, he is the most fashionable guy in the world that I have ever seen.

Toby The Maltese

ViaTobby Little Dude


5. Montjiro the Chihuahua

This chihuahua is the Rihanna of dogs. Don’t take this title so lightly.


Via Montjiro

6. Scrappy Doo the Dachshund

This Doxie knows the importance of the beach look. Not to mention, the sun protection too!

Scrappy Doo the Dachshund

Via Scrappythedoxie

7. Lacorgi the Corgi

Trust me; this guy knows to dress better than 90% of people we see in everyday life. That’s how he has got 160k+ followers on Instagram.

Lacorgi The Corgi

Via lacorgi.

8. Nutello the Pug

Wrinkles can never be this beautiful. Follow this pug and spice up your weekend fashion game.

Nutello The Pug

Via Nutellothepug

9. Dapper the Shiba

“This cool guy is waterproof to your hate. I don’t know whether I want him or want to be him.”

Dapper The Shiba

Via mensweardog

10. Doug the Pug

He is the king of pop culture. More than 1.7m people around the world check his profile whenever they need a fashion inspiration. You are most welcome to join this crowd!

Doug The Pug

Via itsdoughthepug


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