10 Reasons Behind Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails

Dogs are one of the best animals to keep as pets. They love us more than anything. We give them little space in our house, little time of our day but they give us all the space in their heart and they will play with us all day long. Dogs are not just pets, they are a part of your life and for your dog, you are his life. Dogs have been living with humans for a very long time and they have made themselves adaptive as per humans. They now understand us, they understand our mood, they understand our emotions and that is why they try to keep us happy when we are sad. When we come home we see dog wags his tail while receiving us and you play with him but do you know, Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails? Do you understand the meaning of dog tail wagging? It is more than what you think, it is not just a way to express their feeling, it is not just a normal instinct, a dog’s tail could be communicating more than that.

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Why do Dogs Wag their tails?

The simple and most common answer to this question is, “Dogs wag their tails to say something or to show their emotions”. But this is not it when it comes to a dog’s tail language. A dog’s tail can wag in many ways and it can mean many things. Generally, when we see a dog wagging we think he is happy and when we see him with his tail between the legs we assume that he is sad. Well, you are not entirely wrong and not entirely right either. But not always, sometimes it means more than that, sometimes it is the whole conversation back there.

Dogs can also show his emotions through tail wagging. Many researchers have found that dogs wag their tails when they are in anxiety. You have to understand that dogs are social animals and when they feel alone they might feel anxiety and to show that they wag their tail. It is complicated but if you understand your dog then you will understand his tail.


Dogs also wag their tails for many different reasons, sometimes their behavior changes the way they wag their tail. Not just on his tail but his language also depends on his body language. So if you are trying to treat an unfamiliar dog based on his tail then should be little more careful about it. Sometimes a normal right-left tail wagging can mean more than a friendly gesture.  Most of the time dog use their tails for others, to show their feeling. Dog use their tail language to humans and other animals too like other dogs. It is like social cues for different situations.

This also changes from person to person. If you are an owner of the dog than his wagging will be different towards you and when your dog meets a new person he/she will wag differently. It is mainly because they want to greet and meet that new person in your home. But if your dog sees a stranger in the night his tail might wag normal to you but it may be not what you think.

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What does different Dog’s tail wagging mean

Different type of tail wagging means different things. A dog can wag his tail in many ways and it may mean different things every time but many dog tail wagging are easy to understand and most of the time they mean the same thing. It can be something they hate or love; it may be their way to show emotions. Here we have decoded some tail language and it would be great for you to understand if you are a dog owner or if you are thinking to pet a dog. These are the closest meanings of their gesture.

  1. “I am the Captain here, so don’t try to mess with me. Don’t even think of messing with me.”

  2. “You are making me angry dude, don’t mess with me. You will pay for your action.”

  3. “Who is awesome? I am awesome!!! Look at my tail..I am wagging…I am excited!!! Yeah!!!”

I am awesome

  1. “Yeahhh!!! I am feeling lazy!!! So whatever!”

  2. “You are new here, who are you? I don’t know you? Will I bark at you? I am going to growl at you. Until someone introduces you.”

  3. “Nope! Don’t disturb me. I am eating some delicious food. So please go away. Leave me alone!”

  4. “I am soo sorry!!! I am ashamed of myself!!!! I will never do that again! I will never tear you pillow apart.”

I am ashamed of myself

  1. “I am confused, what is this? Should I be a wolf and check this out or I should just run away from here barking?”

  2. “Everybody knows that I am in charge here, so don’t you try to change that.”

  3. “Ok, I am not in charge here, you are the Master! I was just joking.”

  4. “You are the Master, I have already told it 100times now just pet me and I will be a good boy.”


Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails
Well now you know the language of a dog’s tail, it is pretty amazing. But you should keep in mind that these are a just basic interpretation of dog wagging tail, it can be different on times. A dog is different from humans, he might understand us the best but he is different and we also understand him but sometimes we may read him little wrong so if any of the above interpretations are different, it doesn’t mean that your dog is ill or anything it’s just he is trying to convey his message in an uncommon way. So don’t worry just try to understand your dog in a better way.


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