Chihuahua Born Without Front Legs Gets Her Own Set Of Wheels


    Meet this little cute Chihuahua named Daffodil. She is sweet, cute but she is not like other Chihuahuas. This little pup was born with a birth defect. She was born without her front legs and it was already so hard for this little fella that whoever owned her abandoned her on dirty streets also to suffer. She was in a dirty box on the street wondering about his owner who left her.

    puppy chihuahua

    But luckily she was rescued by a good human being. A San Francisco local names “Jene” was just going on his usual way when finding her abandoned on the roadside and brought her home. He realized that she is born with a birth defect and need medical help. So he took Daffodil to San Francisco SPCA.

    At San Francisco, she was given a second life after the team over there gave her a special designed wheels which will help her in walking. This specially designed wheel was made by a leading pet prosthetic company.

    Daffodil has to face challenges every day but she is still a little puppy who loves to play. With her wheels, she is now learning to walk on her own and now playing.

    According to SPA when Daffodil walked for the first time with her wheels everyone there (Staff and Volunteers) gathered to watch her walk. They cheered her when she walked a little. It was an emotional day at SPCA.

    Even she is small but she is fearless and fighting each day of her life. It was an act of Kindness by Jene who took her and did the best thing for her. When some people abandoned someone in distress, there is always someone who is ready to take care. Jene has restored our faith in Humanity.

    The good days are back for Daffodil as one of the members of the OrthoPets team has adopted Daffodil as a pet.

    Now she got a home and liberty to go where ever she wants.


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