Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

There are many dogs that are living with us. Dogs are great pets and one of the most common pets in the world. They are great companions. They are intelligent and strong. Not just for normal people but also for disabled people. On another extreme,regardless of whether they are small or big, there are dogs that can make you to cry for help by just looking at you. If you have even been threatened by bitten by a dog, you could understand what I am talking about. Our science has measure for everything. When it comes to explain dogs bite force,we use the measure called PSI. As you guess, the dog which has the highest PSI is the dog with the strongest bite. In this list we have ranked 10 dogs by their PSI. Continue to read on.

What is PSI?

PSI is a unit that is used represent pressure or stress on any point. The full form of PSI is “pound per square inch” orpound-force per square inch”. It is a result of pressure applied on one square inch with one pound. It is one of the most common units to calculate pressure. For example, the atmospheric pressure is 14.7 pound per square inch (PSI) and average pressure in tire is usually about 32 PSI.

What Dog Has The Strongest Bite ?

10. Malinois

Bite Force – 195 PSI


Malinois is a medium breed of dog they are also known as “Belgian Shepherds”. They were originated in French city Malines hence they got the name “Malinois”. This breed is great with its smelling sense and it is the reason why they are being used as detection dogs to detect explosives and narcotics. They are trainable and very intelligent. They are playful in nature and are very clam with kids. They were bred as working dogs and they are still being used as working dogs. Many police agencies in the world are using Malinois in their squad.  From United States Secret Service to Royal Australian Air Force, they are helping to recover explosive and illegal drugs.

They are powerful and strong. They also got a very strong jaw. An average adult Malinois got bite force of 195 psi, it means when they bite, 195 pound of Pressure is applied on one square inch. It is more than enough to break your bone in one try.

9. Dutch Shepherd

Bite Force – 224 PSI

Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd is a shepherd dog used by farmers but they are very versatile dogs. The origin of Dutch Shepherd is Netherland. They are very hardworking and have very few demands, they also adapt to any hard climate easily. They are similar to Belgian Shepherd and German Shepherd. They are one of the most active dogs, they love to play with you or to do any outdoor activity. They are very loyal, intelligent and reliable. They are great with little kids and have a clam temperament.

They are also used by Police and other security agencies and the reason is their strong will and powerful jaw. They are calm and gentle until danger hits them. Their jaw is very powerful with bite force of 224 psi. With this bite force, they are a nightmare for intruders.

8. American Pitbull

Bite Force – 235 PSI

American Pitbull

American Pit Bull is a medium size dog with almost 30-90 lbs weight range. They are powerful, muscular and strong. In fact, they are one of the strongest dogs in their size category. They were bred to guard livestock and this is why they are powerful. They got a very playful nature especially when the kids around. It is widely believed that Pitbulls are aggressive in nature but for those who bred one in their hom, this statement will sound as a bit of a joke. They will behave that gentle with their owners. Mind you, their socializing nature depends upon the early training. If it’s not trained well,nothing can stop them from reflecting their aggressive nature. So if you own a pitbull,don’t surprise to see it in the list that talks about the dogs with strongest bites.

They are very athletic by body and nature; they need regular exercise and training. Sometimes in boredom, they might turn little destructive. They got a wide face with powerful jaw which  is their main weapon. They can break any hard things, if they want. The bite force of their jaw is 235 psi.

7. German Shepherd

Bite Force – 238 PSI

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is one of the most common domestic dogs in the world, In United States of America German Shepherd is the second most popular dog breed. They were bred as a working dog in Germany. They are also known as “Alsatian” especially in Britain. They are very intelligent dog and from many times they are used in many roles in rescue missions by Military. They are hard working, easy to train and very adaptive to new place. They are also very gentle with nature and very clam when around kids. With their intelligence and power, they make good protection dogs.

They are very strong and can be very aggressive, if they see danger. They have a strong bite force with 238 psi. This force is very much to break any bone in human body or to confront any other animal.

6. American Bull Dog

Bite Force – 305 PSI

American Bull Dog

American Bull Dogs are strong, powerful and full of strength.  They are well built with muscular body and they have a large head. They are great family pets. They love their owner more than anything else and they form a strong bond with their owners. They are very powerful and confident. Their nature towards strangers is mixed, all it depends on their early days training. They can be little destructive if left alone but overall they are gentle and clam dogs.

They got enormous power and they have the ability to confront their opponent in time of danger. Their built and agility gives a great plus point to their body. They are powerful not just with their body but also with their jaw.  American Bull Dog can bite you with bite force of 305 psi (Pound per Square Inch).

5. African Wild Dog

Bite Force – 317 PSI

African Wild Dog

Unlike the other dogs listed for your query “which dog has the strongest bite”, African wild dogs fall under the criteria of cape hunting dogs. This dog breed is a native Sub-Saharan Dog and it is one of the largest dogs in this family. They are hypercarnivorous and according to IUCA they are in endangered species. African Wild Dogs are social animals and they live in packs, they also have hierarchies for males and females. They are great hunters by nature. They are bulk and powerful. You can estimate their ability to kill by the fact that they are one of the best predators in the wild, Big Cats like Lions and Hyenas are only above them.

They are great hunters especially in medium sized antelopes and they don’t take much time to kill it. As living in the wild and years of evolution has made their jaw very strong.  They got one of the highest bite force in Medium Sized dogs, 317 psi. That much bite force is enough to break any bone in a deer.

4. Rottweiler

Bite Force – 328 PSI


Rottweilers are very tough dogs, they were bred to pull carts and to guard. They were one of the first dogs which Police adopted. They are medium in size and with great built and amazing strength. They are agile and have great endurance. They are also used in many search and rescue missions by police and military. This breed is a great combination of strength, intelligence and endurance. They are fearless, good natured and well behaved animals but they can also react to danger very fast.

The reason they are used in Police and other services is because they are powerful and confident. The bite force in an Average Rottweiler is 328 pound per square inch. It is more than half of Dog’s breed.

3. English Mastiff

Bite Force – 556 PSI

English Mastiff

English Mastiff is a large breed of dog. They are calm but very powerful, their ancestors were “The Molossus”, who were very ferocious war dogs. Today English Mastiff may seem very calm and gentle but remember thy are the dogs with strongest bite so they can turn very aggressive and cause potential destruction toward the enemies or someone they cause destruction to their owner. Otherwise they are very gentle, that their nickname is “Gentle Giants”.  They are very fond of kids and they be super gentle with them.

They might look gentle to you but when the danger is on the family they will turn aggressive and they got the jaw to be aggressive. Their bite force is enormous and they have one of the highest “bite force” in Dog with 556 pound per square inch. It is enormous and it can easily break any bone.

2. Doberman

Bite Force – 600 PSI


Doberman is a medium to large size dog which is very popular as a domestic dog. Around late 19th Century a Tax collector from Germany named “Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann” developed this breed of dog. Doberman dog breeds are highly intelligent, alert and strong. They are also very loyal to their owner. They world as a guard dogs and they have the power and ability to be guard dog. They are very adaptive and if properly trained they will behave gentle with little kids. They are very muscular and have athletic built which gives them an extra plus point. While many Doberman have tails but there are significant number of Dobermans whose tails are docked when they are small.

Doberman dogs are one of the strongest dogs in the dog world and they have speed, agility and intelligence too. Their jaw is bone breaking and this is why they are also used by Police as guarding dogs. The force bite of Doberman is around 600 PSI.

1. Kangal- Dog With Strongest Bite

Bite Force – 743 PSI


Kangal are guard dogs originated from Sivas City in Turkey. They are one of the strongest dogs in the world. They were also used as a guardian dog to protect sheep against big predators like Wolf, Jackals and bears. They are known for their loyalty, protectiveness and for being extra gentle with little kids. They may not behave in a friendly manner with strangers but they are quite nice dogs and once socialized, they will be gentle, they are very strong and very intelligent. As they were bred to be the guard dogs, they got very protective nature.

With the stiffness of a protector, they are strong and they can destroy any medium size predator. They have great strength and if we talk about bite force when they got the highest pressure per square inch. According to many research and tests on them it is clear that Kangal has the strongest dog bite in the world. Their bite force is 743 PSI. I hope this high bite force, gives an answer for your query, what dog has the strongest bite. So, beware if you are around this dog and when you seem stranger to them.

All these dogs are ranked by their bite force which is measured in Pound per square inch or PSI. These dogs are amazing and clam but provoking them might turn out to be dangerous. they got strong jaws.

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