Top 10 Best Low Protein Dog Foods That Are Actually Yummy

Low protein dog food can be very controversial. If your veterinarian suggested to keep your dog on a low protein diet,  it is very likely that he has been diagnosed with kidney issues and it is prescribed to ensure the safety of your dog.

As a pet owner, one of the best things that you can do now is to feed your dog a well-balanced high-quality food . A good dog food will keep your dog’s fur sleek and shiny. It will also keep your dog healthy because it actually s
trengthens his immune system. But when it comes to choosing the best dog food, there seems to be an endless option. Keep in mind that there is no single food that will give your dog all the benefits it needs. Every dog is unique in every single way. That is why, it is very important for us to know how to choose the best food for our canines prior to feeding them. Here is the list that will help you to determine the best low protein dog food that will work for your beloved dog.

Here is How You Must Choose A Dog Food In A Proper Way

  • Check the AAFCO statement – In evaluating a particular dog food, compare the DM ingredient amounts to a nutrition chart.
  • Consider the stage life of your dog – Make sure that the food you choose is appropriate with its stage life. A puppy eating adult’s food will not get the exact amount of protein, calcium, calories, vitamins and minerals that it needs. While an adult dog that is eating puppy’s food likely to become overweight, older dog may need food that is easy to digest.
  • Look at the Ingredients – It is essential for a healthy food to have a high quality of ingredients. Some economy brands are made from inexpensive ingredients which are not easy to digest. While they may technically meet the specification and percentage of fat, carbohydrates and protein, these foods has lower grade proteins and low value of energy. Because of this, the healthy building nutrients will pass through your body without being absorbed. It also means that you have to feed your dog a large amount of that low quality food to provide your pet the same nutrition. In looking for a perfect dog food for your furry friend, you must review the list of ingredients at the back of the bag first. It must contain meat, fish and egg as the first or second ingredient. These three has a high biological value which means that they have a high percentage of protein, fiber, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Take your time in switching the dog’s food – Make sure that you will allow an ample time for your dog to make a transition from his former food to the new one. Normal bacteria in the intestine help the digestive system of your dog. An abrupt food change will lead to the changes of the number and types of these bacteria making it harder to the food to be digested which will lead to an upset stomach. To avoid problems like this, switch to the new food slowly at least seven to ten days. If problems occur, seek the advice of a veterinarian.
  • Select a food type – Pet owners often wonder if they feed dry food, half moist or canned. Although dry food is often recommended, it also depends on the individual animal.

After all you did all that you can to make sure that the food is nutritionally sound, after a month, take a look at your dog and examine it closely. You will know that you are doing the right job for your pet’s nutrition if you can see the glow in their eyes, a shiny fur, good body shape, and good energy.

One of the biggest problems you will encounter with lower protein food is that dogs simply don’t like the taste of it. A food can be tasteless when protein is removed for a lot of flavor in the food is in the protein. Here is the list of best low protein dog foods that your canine will surely love.

Top 10 Best Low Protein Dog Food 

1.Purina Veterinary Diets Canine NF Kidney Function

 The role of dietary management is to provide and appropriate balance of total nutrients while meeting the dietary needs of your canine friend. The low intake of phosphorus will help protect against hyperphosphatemia and the associated renal damage. High quality protein in the diet is restricted but it also minimizes the intake of nonessential amino acids. This will decrease the production of waste products that are nitrogenous. To compensate for the diseased kidney’s inability to regulate this important mineral, reduce the level of sodium. Higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids will help reduce glomerular hypertension. It only costs $32.42 in Prime.

2. CANIDAE Platinum Formula For Senior And Overweight Dogs 

It is true that we love and we care about our pets to much but they will inevitably grow older and often pack a few extra pounds. All the premium dog foods use quality products. This is the best food for your furry friend. Natural chicken, turkey meat, fish meal and lamb meal are the main ingredients of this food. It is packed with protein for the maintenance of the muscle. It will keep your dog full the full day and is very digestible. It also has a higher amount of chondroitin and glocusamine for healthy bones and joints. It has omega-3 fatty acids to avoid joint pain and to keep the coats beautiful. It come together to provide nutritional balance and a great taste that your dog will surely love. It cost only around $39.99.

3.Natural Balance L.I.D. Formula Dry Dog Food

It is only $59.99 in Prime. It is a formula to provide high-quality nutrition for all breeds and life stages. It can help to systematically specify your dog’s source of carbohydrates and protein. It also maintains the digestive system. It is rich in potassium and highly digestible energy source. One of the ingredients of this food is salmon. It provides amino acids that help in maintaining a strong muscle with a healthy and shiny fur. It has a balanced omega 3 and omega 6 with fatty acids which helps to maintain a healthy skin. There are no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Your dog will surely love this low protein food with these premium quality ingredients.

4.Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food, Adult Weight Management Formula

it provides crunchy bits of snacks with delicious shredded chicken to give your overweight friend a balanced diet with 25 percent less fat than the other formula. It is also a great source of prebiotic fiber. Less fat, all the nutrition and all fats are equal to a healthy and happy dog. You can buy it on Prime at $39.99

 5.Mattie’s Treats Kidney Disease Dog Treats

 This low protein dog food is created for pets that have renal ailment. It relies on straightforward, organic compounds to provide a low but very healthy protein, low phosphorus yummy treats that will surely suit for your dog’s diet plan. It has a real pumpkin and cinnamon taste that dogs will surely like. It has no wheat gluten, no corn and soy. A percentage of sales is donated to fund research to lessen the victim of kidney failure in dogs. It cost only $11.99 on Prime.

 6.Wellness Natural Wet Canned Food

It is an everyday entree that is flavorful and nutritious way to make more out of meal time. This delicious and slow cooked meal is made to provide nutrition and extraordinary flavor. This dog food is another way to make your dog eat healthy foods. It is a 100 percent grain-free product made in the US with no artificial flavors, preservatives and colors. Only $33.29 when you get it from Prime.

 7.Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This nutrition rich dog food has additional minerals to maintain oxidative balance. Its main ingredient is salmon with fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruits along with it. It’s a blend of nutrients and antioxidants that will make your dog healthy. It is suit for your dog’s diet knowing that the ingredients are meticulously chosen and studied upon. It has no artificial colors, preservatives or artificial flavors. It has no wheat and soy. It is only $49.98 on Prime.

 8.Natural Balance Formula Dry Dog Food

It is made especially for dogs that are overweight, senior or less active. Made with premium ingredients such as salmon, chicken and lamb meal for balanced proteins, oatmeal for an excellent source of fiber and carbohydrates, fresh carrots for Vitamin A content. It also has brown rice and fresh potatoes with Vitamin C and Taurine for the cardiovascular system. It has essential fatty acids to give your dog a healthy skin and coat. It has no artificial colours and flavors to make it healthier. You are assured that you are feeding them the very best food made for them. It has the finest ingredients to provide your canine friend, the nutrition it need.

9.CANDIDATE Grain Free For Dogs

It is a super premium low protein dog food designed with happy and healthy pets in mind. It is made with an excellent high quality ingredient that were blended to give your furry friend the optimum nutrition that it needs. It is the best modern answer to primal nutrition. It is all natural, human grade holistic dog food with vitamins and amino acids, natural conditioners for skin and coat, with 3 fatty acids and omega 6 to make it super digestible. It is for pets that developed food sensitiveness such as lowering the chance of allergic reactions. The main ingredient is fresh bison, high quality lamb meal, and delicious flavors are best for all adult dog. It is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of an adult dog.


It has probiotics that works inside the body of your dog to promote healthy digestion and strong defenses. It is specially formulated to maintain your dog’s healthy joints. Protein builds strong and muscles, while seven essential nutrients nourish the heart. Antioxidants help in maintaining a strong immune system. It scrubs the teeth of your beloved dog to prevent the build up of tartar and plaque.

To support healthy growth and development, 22 amino acids are required for dogs. A dog’s body is able to synthesize 12 of these amino acids but the remaining 10 should come from the diet which is referred to as supplemental amino acids. Meat, fish and eggs are the best source of protein which are filled with full of amino acids as well. But remember, not all dogs will able to digest this foods properly. A dog suffering from a kidney disease may have problems with high protein dog foods. Kidney problems are most common in adult dogs and it may lead to weight loss, constipation, nausea, and low energy. Kidneys are responsible for filtering out the toxins and excreting them through urine out of the dog’s body. One of the key to prevent kidney problem from progressing is to limit the protein intake of the dog by following the low protein diet suggested by the vet. It is also recommended for large breed dogs. Large breed puppies grow rapidly and it is natural but if the process happens in a very short period of time, it could be dangerous. It could strain the bones causing them to unable to support the weight of the dog. They are more likely to suffer from injury as well as bones and joints problem.

Your dog’s condition is something you must keep in mind every day. If your dog doesn’t receive the right balance of nutrients it needs, then it is likely to thrive and is at high risk for diseases. If your dog is suffering from kidney disease or has some other condition which prevents his body from digesting properly then consider replacing his diet with anyone of the top 10 low protein dog food we just to you now. Also discuss with your vet and get his expert guidance too.

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